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Tamir Rice’s Family Billed For His Final Ambulance Ride


Aint’ this about a (BLANK) !!! Get a load of this shiggity! You remember when a Cleveland police officer shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice as he played with a toy pellet gun in a public park, Right? Well now the city said the boy’s death was his own fault…. SOOOO NOW, Cleveland has charged the Rice family for his final ambulance ride. That’s Right!! CHARGED HIS FAMILY FOR HIS FINAL RIDE!! That is raggedy on sooo many levels!!

As reported by source, that latest development, coming on Wednesday nearly 15 months after Tamir’s death, stirred up fresh outrage — not just from his family, but from the Cleveland police union that’s fought them tooth and nail to clear the officers involved in the shooting.

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