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Chaos, Protesters Shut Down Donald Trump Rally


Well, Damn! You have to believe that President Barack Obama, is somewhere in Dallas laughing at this fool, Donald Trump! Trump is the MAIN ONE talking about folks and telling people to punch others in their faces and what not! Also QUICK to call somebody a THUG, so just incase you haven’t heard, ‘THUGS’ and protesters SHUT DOWN the GOP presidential front-runner’s rally Friday night over security concerns after protesters and supporters clashed at the University of Illinois at Chicago. That’ll Learn Ya!


According to source, chaos (and a lot of it) ensued after organizers announced the rally was canceled shortly after 6:30 p.m. at the UIC Pavillion. Police ejected at least a half dozen anti-Trump demonstrators, including one man who snuck on stage and approached the podium. Read more!

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