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Jared Fogle Gets Prison Beatdown By 60-Year-Old


Well some may think that former Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogle, may deserve the prison beatdown he got!! Some even say, Ain’t no justice like prison justice! He got dealt with recently and according to reports, Fogle got jumped in the yard at Englewood prison in Colorado back on January 29, and it was not much of a fight. An inmate named Steven Nigg pushed Fogle down and then unloaded a barrage of punches to his face. In other words, he got “two-pieced with a biscuit” because some say that inmates don’t play when it comes to crimes dealing with kids!

Nigg, (why his name gotta be NIGG, tho LOLOLOLOL) who’s in for a weapons charge, left Fogle with a bloody nose, swollen face and scratches on his neck. 60-year-old Nigg was also injured and apparently had a small cut on his left hand from delivering the ‘BEATDOWN’. Prison officials put Nigg in solitary as punishment and prolly dapped him up afterwards. Just kidding, no woard on the DAPPED-UP part! LOL

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