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Man Busted Having Ferris Wheel Sex, Killed In Carjacking


DANG, remember the couple that was BUSTED having sex on a Ferris wheel in Vegas? well… looks like the guy got killed in a carjacking over the weekend in his hometown of Houston! According to the article, The life of the man arrested last month for allegedly having sex on a Las Vegas Ferris wheel came to a violent end early Saturday morning.


Police in Houston say that after 27-year-old Philip Panzica drove away from a strip club with his fiancée around 5am, he was shot and killed by two people, who were riding in the back seat. The Houston Chronicle reports that cops say the fiancée, who works as a dancer at the club, heard one of the men tell Panzica, “You need to come clean,” before shooting him several times. The suspects then allegedly dumped Panzica’s body on the roadside and ordered the fiancee out of the car before taking off with her night’s earnings. UMMM HUMMMM!!! There’s something that doesn’t add up because they SAY, his fiancée wasn’t the woman who he got busted on the Ferris wheel with! His lawyer says his client had an upcoming court date about that issue!

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