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Darren Sharper Facing 20 Year Prison Sentence


You know former NFL’er Darren Sharper is ready to throw up in his mouth, especially after a judge rejected his ridiculous plea that would have only sent him to jail for about 9 years for rape! The judge said, you better get outta here with that Bullshiggity and enter ANOTHER PLEA!! Cause the one that was more lenient is NOT Gon’ Happen Cap’N!! Dang, such a waste because he was once FINER THAN FROG HAIR and also dated actress Gabrielle Union and even played with the Saints and MY TEAM… The Vikings! He was certainly capable of being inducted into the Hall Of Fame, but that’s all history now!

According to source, A federal judge formally accepted Darren Sharper’s new plea deal in a drug and rape case, making clear to the former NFL star that she could sentence him to 20 years in prison.

The Judge Jane Triche Milazzo had earlier rejected a deal that could have meant a measly nine-year prison sentence, rather as I mentioned earlier, it calls for a sentence in the range of roughly 15 or 16 to 20 years. Prosecutors said in court Tuesday that they may recommend a lighter sentence, based on Sharper’s cooperation in related cases. He will find out his fate when he is sentenced June 16.

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