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Mother Arrested For Having Kids Tattooed


How much of an idiot do you have to be to have your UNDERAGED kids branded with tattoos! IJS because one Texas mother did just that! NOW three of her kids have tattoos.. WAIT FOR IT… all three of them are under 13 years old. Here’s what had happened… according to source, this “so-called” mother was drunker than a skunk when she allowed her boyfriend’s brother to tat up her kids!! WAIT FOR IT AGAIN… how bout the dude doing the tattooing IS A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER, Tho!! Where They Do That At??


In the article, the cops say the mom was soo drunk at the time and let her boyfriend’s brother do the work. Now the three children each have “UNWANTED” tattoos on their ankles.

Get this tho, the father of the kids is the one who called police. Read more from source.

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