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Whoopi Starts Medical Marijuana Company For Women


Wait, WHAT? Did you hear that The View Co-Host, Whoopi Goldberg has started a line of medical marijuana to help ease cramps!! GIRL! LOL~ Seriously, Whoopi is lending her name AND MONEY to help launch a line of medical marijuana needs for just us women! Girl, you already know how we feel “that time of the month”, so it looks like Ms. Goldberg totally understands what we are going through, or figured out that there’s MONEY in them dern hills, when it comes to MEDICAL MARIJUANA! Ummm hummmm…. my guess is the latter because a report was just published saying that the “legal” marijuana business is BOOMING making BILLIONS!

LOL~ but real talk, if you follow Whoopi, then you know that she’s been VERY OPEN about blazing! She often speaks on her own “VIEW” and her own weed use and ain’t shame about it all!! Read more from source.

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