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Keisha Knight-Pulliam Checks Amber Rose


Uhh Ohh, you bet not say nothing bout her Bill Cosby, cause Keisha Knight-Pulliam or Mrs Ed Hartwell, will come for you just like she did Amber Rose recently during an interview.

According to the exchange it went down like this: “Anything a male can do, we can do,” Rose said. “I get very frustrated when I see guys call girls h**s or when people, like, defend Bill Cosby.”

Wasting no time, Pulliam cut her off, adding, “I feel you, and everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but we still live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty… I understand everything that’s happened, and me being a feminist… ‘No means no’ and I get that. But just so you know, I did work with him for a really long time, I love him dearly still. That isn’t the man I know.”

Then afterwards, check out the petty emoji that Amber Rose posted from her new emoji collection! side note: it was kind funny tho!! LOL


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