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Cynthia Bailey Says She’s Taking Steps Towards Divorce


I sure hope this isn’t true! I actually really like Cynthia Bailey and her husband, Peter Thomas together! Even tho the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star says Reality Shows ruin relationships, they are one of my favorite reality show couples! According to an article I read online, she says she might divorce Peter tho?

Here’s what she had to say about their relationship, that some are saying is not doing soo well right now!!

Via The Daily Dish:

“The status of our relationship is we are not in a good place,” said Cynthia. “Peter is in Charlotte, and as you can see, I’m in New York. We’re definitely not together. I have been taking some time for myself to just kind of figure out how I would like to move forward. We haven’t officially done anything at this point, but we are definitely talking about taking steps to officially move forward in a different direction.”

WOW! Read more from source.

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