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Man Accuses Afrika Bambaataa Of Sex Abuse


This news has rocked the hip hop scene because one of it’s founding members has been accused of sexual assault! This alleged accuser is saying that hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa assaulted him when he was only 15 years old!! The alleged assault happened to a former music industry executive named Ronald Savage, who’s now an author, says he struggled privately with intimacy and struggled with suicidal thoughts for decades from the abuse that occurred when he was only a teen, but he broke his silence in recent weeks with the release of a self-published memoir entitled “Impulse Urges and Fantasies” that includes the explosive Bambaataa allegations as well as a YouTube interview with urban radio veteran “Star” that has rocked the hip-hop world. GIRL!!!!!!!

According to an online article, Savage says, “I want him to know how much he damaged me growing up,” says Savage, 50, who was known as “Bee Stinger” when he was running with the Zulu Nation, the international hip-hop organization Bambaataa founded in the 1970s.

“I was just a child,” he told the Daily News. “Why did he take my innocence away? Why did he do this to me?” Read more from source.

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