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Ethan Couch Gets Almost Two Years Behind Bars


In these infamous words, YOU GON’ LEARN TODAY…. looks like the Affluenza Teen, Ethan Couch, did not pass ‘Go’ today at court. He got almost two years in jail. As you recall, Couch had nearly three times the legal limit of blood-alcohol levels for an adult drivers at the time of his crash, when he killed four and changed the quality of life for others.

During his trial, a defense witness said his wealthy parents coddled him so much that it gave him no sense of responsibility — a condition the expert referred to as “affluenza.” Most of us just call it rich folks privileges!

According to the article, State District Judge Wayne Salvant said he’ll review recommendations from prosecutors and from Couch’s attorneys on that longer jail stay as one condition of his probation. But the judge made it clear that Couch won’t go free anytime soon.

“You’re not getting out of jail today,” Salvant told Couch, who wore a red jump suit, a shaggy hair cut and beard into the courtroom. Wouldn’t you have loved to had been a fly on the wall!! Read more from source.

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