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Clinton, Sanders Have Heated Democratic Debate


Thursday’s Democratic debate was hotter than fish grease! The exchanges got pretty heated between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and at times, the two had to be separated by the moderator! Sanders called Clinton out on her minimum wage support, or lack there of! Clinton claimed she supported a $15 an hour minimum wage while Sanders recalled her support of one for much less, at around $12 per hour.

As you know, the race to the White House has become a foot race for sure! And according to the article, Sanders also put Hillary Clinton on FULL BLAST for describing Black youth during the 90’s as “superpredators” during last night’s #DemDebate according to The Hill reports:

At the Democratic presidential debate in Brooklyn, Sanders was asked why he attacked Clinton on the campaign trail earlier in the week for using the term.

“Because it was a racist term and everybody knew it was a racist term,” Sanders responded.
The crowd cheered his response and Clinton grimaced. Read more from source.

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