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Woman Dies In Dentist Parking Lot After Procedure


WOW, as if we aren’t afraid of the dentist already! This story is about a woman named April Walters, who suffered from a variety of health issues, like sarcoidosis, asthma, COPD high blood pressure, diabetes and she was on even on oxygen. Even tho Ms. Walters wasn’t in the best health, she was cleared by her doctor to have her teeth pulled because of an infection. Sadly things went terribly wrong and Ms. Walters ended up dead at only 46!

According to the article I read online, Ms. Walters was taken to the dentist by her sister, Crystal Cutright but the medical assistant who took her vital signs seemed concerned.

“Her heart rate was still 130, the dentist came in, ready to do the procedure,” her daughter Amber Waddell said. “The dental assistant said ‘I am waiting for her heart rate to come down.’ The dentist said ‘We’re fine’ and the procedure starts.” Read more from source.

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