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Clarence Thomas’ Ex Talks Of Wild Parties, Scorned Women


One of Clarence Thomas’ old girlfriends is RUNNIN IT!! This doesn’t come as a surprise tho, especially since the HBO movie starring Kerry Washington, ‘Confirmed’ aired over the weekend!

Lillian McEwen, a retired prosecutor talks of the wild times in a new book, about their ménage-à-trois days with some of Thomas’ colleagues and even calls Anita Hill a ‘scorned’ woman!

According to the article McEwen says, “He mostly always smelled like soap and just naturally had a wonderful odor to his body,” retired federal prosecutor Lillian McEwen, 70, told The Post.

“He was meticulous about every part of his anatomy from the top of his head to his toes and had an immaculately maintained bedroom,” she said of the jurist with whom she claimed to have engaged in threesomes that included his female colleagues.

She began dating the “extremely seductive and romantic” Thomas in 1981 after he was appointed assistant secretary of education for the Office for Civil Rights and she was an assistant to the Senate Judiciary Committee counsel. Read more from source.

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