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Parkland Sued, Left Tube In Woman’s Body 8 Years


Can you imagine walking around with a tube inside you for 8 years? Imagine if it were left in you ACCIDENTALLY for 8 years and the hospital and doctors failed to tell you about it? Well that’s what happened to one woman recently as she prepares to sue the doctors at Parkland Hospital for the mishap!

According to the Dallas Morning News, Debra Wilson says she had nothing but trust for Parkland Memorial Hospital. Even going back to the memories of her being born there and having her own kids there. She even received fine, low-cost treatment for her diabetes and heart problems.

But in 2007, doctors there saved her life. It’s unclear when Parkland doctors realized the broken catheter was there, though it was first visible on a November 2007 X-ray, hospital records show.

Wilson had 22 chest X-rays between the time of her surgery and the time she found out about the catheter, she said. Read more

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