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No Loud Or Aggressive Future Wife For Tyrese


Well mark me off Tyrese’s list for future wives!
KJ And Tyrese

LOL~ he said he’s not interested in loud or aggressive women! I’m good anyway cause HE ain’t my type! LOL~ well, he is KINDA! LOL!

In a recent interview, Black Ty was asked about his choice in women. He replied, “I was just asked today what qualities attract me at this point in a women…. I love a woman that’s smart, confident, educated, self sufficient, (( available to be as spontaneous as this lifestyle I live.) I use to be attracted to women with HUGE personalities LOUD and AGGRESSIVE and I would always it a wall…. Now I’m in a zone where I am ONLY attracted to women who’s voice is so soft and she has the energy and presence of grace and regal sophistication….. Not subservient REGAL!!! As sexy as my small collection is I never leave home I’m too grown for clubs and turn up every night….. Although I make moves sometimes….”

Well, WOW! Read more from article source.

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