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Whole Foods Denies Gay Slur, Countersues Pastor


Uhh Ohh, did an openly gay pastor FAKE a gay slur on a cake he got from Whole Foods? Well, Whole Foods sure thinks so!!

On Tuesday, I shared a story about a pastor, Jordan Brown, of a LGBT church in Texas. He claims he went to Whole Foods to get a cake decorated. However, he is saying that the baker in Whole Foods wrote a gay slur on the cake and he only noticed it when he had already driven off and came to a light and checked the cake? Now, many of us scratched our heads at that point, WONDERING why he wouldn’t check it at the store, like many of us usually do?

According to the article, Brown said he contacted Whole Foods to complain and said that an employee was at first “extremely apologetic.” But the employee later called to say that his own employee did not write it, Brown said. Brown was confused and angry.

Whole Foods claimed Brown “intentionally, knowingly and falsely accused Whole Foods and its employees of writing the homophobic slur … on a custom made cake that he ordered from WFM’s Lamar Store in Austin.”

“After a deeper investigation of Mr. Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” the company wrote in a statement that laid out its case as follows: Read more from source.

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