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Rihanna Passes The Beatles Record On Billboard


Rihanna has managed to do what few have ever done before. Knocked the Beatles off the record on Billboard for 2nd longest #1 on the music chart. Her new song, “Work” has been on Billboard for the second-longest cumulative weeks, holding down the #1 Spot. The song also featuring Drake, has scored its ninth week in that position, which gives her a total of 60 weeks spent at No. 1 in her career. You Betta WERK, girl!

According to the story online. she tied the Beatles last week at 59, but has now set a new record. (Here’s a lil fun fact for ya, Rihanna’s first week at No. 1 came in May 2006, for “S.O.S.”) The diva in the lead for now, is Mariah Carey! She has 79 weeks on the chart!

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