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Kelly Ripa Still Not In The Live Seat


Kelly Ripa must really be furious at the folks over at “Live” cause she ain’t been to work since the news broke of Michael Strahan’s leaving the show to join ‘GMA’. Some members of the crew believe ABC execs are weighing the option of either killing the show or moving it to a later hour so they can add a third hour of ‘GMA.’ All this on the heels that nobody pulled Kelly to the side of told her the real deal of Strahan leaving the show. Personally, I couldn’t agree with her more! That just sends the message that the network could care less about her and show her LITTLE respect, which they should have had MORE for her! That’s just my lil’ 2 cents! Now boring Erin Andrews is getting the opportunity to sit in for her during her “vacation”.

According to reports, crew members are on pins and needles, the longer Kelly stays out, the more damage it will do to ‘Live’ and the greater the chance that they’ll be replaced by ‘GMA.’ If ‘Live’ goes away, so do they.

That said, we’re told the crew generally likes Kelly, but many of them think what they call “her tantrum” is hurting the show.

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