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Tamir Rice’s Family Gets $6M Settlement


No amount of money can bring back a child. The family of Tamir Rice has received a $6 Million Dollar settlement, from the city of Cleveland, for his death in November 2014! According to an article, the settlement, however, does not resolve all of the legal issues surrounding the 12-year-old’s killing. It is however, a sign that both the city and the Rice’s family did not want to endure what could be tension-filled litigation process that could last years.

In the settlement, Tamir Rice’s estate will receive $5.5 million, Samaria Rice, his mother, and his sister Tajai Rice will each receive $250,000. Neither the city nor the officers or dispatchers involved will admit to any wrongdoing. The city will pay $3 million this year and $3 million in 2017. Wow! Read more from source.

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