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Sherri Shepherd Talks $4K Child Support, Body & Ex


When I tell you I LOVE me some Sherri Shepherd!  In #BeautyShopTalk she sat down on Wendy’s Williams couch recently and talked about her life!  During the interview, On “The Wendy Williams Show”,  Wendy asked Sherri did she have a breast reduction and Shepherd replied, “”Did you get a breast reduction?”  “No, I lost 12 pounds and a husband!” POW!

As you recall, Sherri went through a pretty nasty divorce and ultimately also has to pay a GRIP in child support every month for a baby the former couple had with a surrogate.   During the interview, Wendy made a crack about Sherri “paying $4,000 a month,” to which she replied, “No, [it’s] more than that…I got three jobs to make those payments!” That’s a lot of money! Some of us feel it is WAAAY too high, especially considering the rumblings we heard in the streets about ‘different thangs’!  However MANY of us kind of feel like, she should support the baby?  What are your thoughts?

Read more about the interview from source.  Also, check out the interview below:

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