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Tweeting Pics, Links Won’t Count Against Characters


Here’s some #BeautyShopTalk if you love you some Twitter…. And MANY of us do!!  Have you heard that your links and pics no longer count against your 140-characters on Twitter!  #YEAH #BoutTime #FreeFromHashtagJail LOL~

I just read the article online that says we don’t have to worry about taking time to count our precious vowels on twitter, as we post pics and links in the tweet!  That’s GOOD NEWS for many of us, who like to post pics and then a link (#SelfIncluded) on the social media site!  You can now post pics and link away, and not have to worry about going over the 140-characters that Twitter only gives us! LOL

kj twitter

So #HappyPicPosting And #LinkSharing  By the way you can follow me on #Twitter at @KJMidday and the same thing on #Periscope too

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