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Tamar Braxton, “The Real” Release Exit Statement


When I first heard about Tamar Braxton leaving “The Real” my first thought was … It’s ALL LIES…. LIES!!! Lots of folks even saying,  “How She Get Fired If Her Husband Is Executive Producer?”  Unfortunately it isn’t all lies!  In fact, both the singer and the show have released a joint statement about Braxton’s exit!

In it, according to sources, it was a mutual decision for Braxton to leave so she could focus on her solo career.  As you know, Tamar has been apart of the show since it’s 2013 debut!  Many of my Facebook friends say they won’t watch it anymore since she’s gone.  But on the other hand, a lot of the comments come as a relief for some!  Some friends saying they will indeed START watching it since she IS gone!!

#BeautyShopTalk What do you feel?  Will you watch the show since Tamar Braxton is gone?

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