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Student With Cerebral Palsy Walks At Graduation


This kid with cerebral palsy, walked for the first time at his high school graduation!  I’ve posted the video below for you to see and share!  Now if your eyes are dry when you finish watching this video… YOUR NOT HUMAN!  I Saw this on Facebook and bout LOST IT!

It’s soooo heartwarming!  Especially in a world filled with soo much hatred and soo much despair!  It’s really good to see GREAT STORIES LIKE THIS ONE!


This kid, Micah McDade was preparing himself for something big!  Micah was born with cerebral palsy and has had a lifetime of obstacles, numerous surgeries to overcome and hours upon hours of physical therapy. He never gave up on his path to someday do what comes naturally to most of use…walk.  He did just that!  Take a look…


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