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Bill Clinton To Eulogize Muhammad Ali At Funeral


#BeautyShopTalk found out that former President Bill Clinton will eulogize Muhammad Ali this Friday at his funeral in Louisville, KY! Clinton reflected on watching Ali light the Olympic torch in Atlanta while his hands shook from Parkinson’s Disease. A disease that ultimately took his life as we know it. His memory will live on forever!! It makes me proud to say that I am his fellow Louisvillian!


“Once the most graceful, powerful athlete in the world, with his hands shaking, holding on, he did his job,” Clinton said. “And in the very end he was actually astonishingly good humored about the burden of his later years. So by the time he died, who he was as a person was greater than his legend.”

Ali’s body has returned to Louisville, following his passing on Friday. His family will hold a private service for immediate family Thursday, according to what sources say.

A procession, in Louisville will take place on Friday and will lead through the streets of Louisville, traveling down the street named after him (Muhammad Ali BLVD formally known as Walnut Street) and passing through Ali’s old neighborhood. The procession will end at Cave Hill cemetery, where he will be laid to rest. After the memorial service, a private reception for friends and guests is scheduled at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. RIP To The GREATEST!!

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