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Scalpers Selling Tickets To Muhammad Ali Funeral


This #BeautyShopTalk right here tho? I am soo ashamed that some of my fellow Louisvillans are SCALPERS!! You heard right, some folks are scalping tickets to the Muhammad Ali funeral service tomorrow in Louisville, KY! My hometown folks came out tho in droves to collect the free tickets that were given out at the YUM Center in downtown, Louisville!

It’s sad that someone doesn’t just want to ENJOY a historic event like this!  I wish I could be in Louisville to partake in the events!! Some of my close friends stood in line for HOURS to get a chance to give LOUISVILLE’S OWN a proper homegoing ceremony!

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(photos: Facebook/Marlyce Woods-Johnson)

Even my bestie got a chance to take a pic with the champs Brother, at the home he grew up in!


(Photo: Facebook Phyllis Johnson)

But it is truly a shame that SOME folks just can’t act right! Ali’s family has blasted scalpers who are profiting off the free tickets to the boxer’s memorial service.

Shortly after the family released 15,000 free tickets to the service, they began springing up on Craigslist for up to $100 each.  The family is trying to track down those pages and have them removed! Read more from source.

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