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OJ Simpson Juror Says Verdict Was Rodney King Payback


This #BeautyShopTalk is something we figured all along! LOL ~ one of the  OJ Simpson jurors has come out with some tea!  Get this, Carrie Bess, who was one of the jurors, tells ‘OJ: Made in America’ she was among ’90 percent’ of jurors seeking payback for the Rodney King verdict. GIRL, you heard right!  It was PAYBACK for the Rodney King situation, when the police beat him and got away with it!



According to the article, folks feel like it’s been a long-standing argument that the jurors in the case acquitted OJ in response to the acquittal of the officers who beat Rodney King!  NOW good ole, Ms. Bess is telling it ALL, hunni!  Read more from source.

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