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Woman Hits Boyfriend After Learning He’s HIV Positive


Girl this #BeautyShopTalk right here tho?  What would you do if you learned your other was HIV positive and then they laughed in your face about it?  Well, you’d probably do what a 43-year old woman just did to her boyfriend who did that same thing!!  She ran his behind over with her car!  Girl!!

Check this out, a 43-year-old allegedly ran over her no good boyfriend while he was riding a bicycle because she found out he was HIV positive. He is ok physically but now she in jail.  Sounds like it’s time to start a GO-Fund-Me page for her!  LORD!!

The whole thing  was caught on a news camera, via Fox 10!  According to the article, before the attack, she told police her boyfriend was laughing at her about the situation and attacked her with a pocket knife.  Read more from source.

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