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Hypocrite Stacey Dash Living Off Ex’s Money


#BeautyShopTalk is that karma has reared it’s head around Stacey Dash! Remember how she was talking about the gender equality gap how woman should STOP complaining and yada, yada, yaaaaa… Well it looks like she has been living off her ex’s money for a lil minute now! Stacey Dash, uh, that’s lightweight Hypocritical ain’t it? They say Dash was in debt, had no income, and was subsisting on financial help from her fiancĂ© with $7 in her checking account. GIRL! Them ole tables have a way of always turning, don’t they!

I know, In #GTHOHWTBS News, right? LOL~ The DailyMail uncovered some pretty damning divorce records from the ever-soo ‘Clueless’ star’s second of three failed marriages that paint her out to be quite the hypocrite, girl! Also, check out what Perez Hilton posted on his website!

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