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Alicia Keys Brings Down The Curtain At The DNC


Here’s another reason to love you some Alicia Keys!  In #BeautyShopTalk we just love us some her!  Not only did we witness HISTORY being made with the first EVER woman being nominated from a major party but we also had a chance to see Alicia Keys inspire MILLIONS with her performance on Tuesday at the DNC was amazing!  She dedicated it to the Mothers  Of The Movement!

In case you missed it, Alicia Keys had some powerful words to help ensure we get our country back on the right track!  She said,  “Women are the answer. We have the power to ensure this country gets on the right path!”  Keys said that right before she belted out her hit song “Superwoman” on stage bringing down the curtain on Day 2 of the DNC.  She also dedicated a song to the Mothers of the Movement and also, to all mothers who have lost their sons and their daughters to senseless violence in the streets!  Keys also said that we can’t claim home of the brave until we deal with gun violence in this country!  AMEN!

Also, according to source, the mothers of the late Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and other mothers, who have lost sons or daughters, gave some powerful speeches remembering their children and pleading for change!

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