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Gang Members Wanted For New Training Day TV Series


Wait, WHAT?  Looks like #BeautyShopTalk is, if your a gang member you may be needed for a new TV series!! LOL~ No joke!  It’s legit!  If you are in a gang you may be qualified to take part in a new show that is actively seeking REAL LIFE gang bangers!!  Ohh Lawwwrd!

According to TMZ, bloods and crips are being sought for casting in an upcoming CBS version of the movie “Training Day.”  That’s right, they are looking to cast gang members type actors to play members of the L.A. area street gang but would not really go into detail about which gang specifically!  So if you got what it takes, go get your “Denzel” on and put your skills to use!  Good luck, and BREAK A LEG….

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