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Greenleaf On OWN Was Everything And Then Some


When I tell you Greenleaf on OWN was nothing short of AMAZING on Wednesday!  This show has captivated us from the very beginning!  Every character on this show is AMAZING!  The writing is amazing!  It’s everything we need and more! #BeautyShopTalk is it’s one of the BEST we’ve seen in a long time!!  Would you agree!

Wednesday’s episode was WHEWWWW WEEEEE…. The lust finally boiled over with Gi-Gi and Noah!  Noah’s girlfriend probably should have invested in some wireless cameras at the house! LOL~ IJS!  It’s was on and cracking with Noah and “Pastor Greenleaf” aka Grace!

Now that we finally find out what REALLY happened with “Uncle Mack” RAPING little girls, where you shocked to really find out what he had done to that little girl Danielle!  HE IS SCUM!!!  He is the character WE ALL HATE right about now!! My mouth FELL OPEN when she finally disclosed to Gi-Gi, what he had done to her and how he manipulated her mother too!

To see more recaps click here but take a look at the previews of next week’s episode!! #ComeOnWednesday ~ LOL

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