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Officers In Freddie Gray Case Go Back To Work


I don’t know how they can, but they did! Looks like the officers involved in the Freddie Gray case not only ALL got away with murder (in my opinion) but are headed back to work!! Damn Shame! I don’t understand how ANYONE can look at the video of Freddie Gray being put in back of that police van AND NOT see he was already injured!! He looked like he couldn’t even walk by himself! I still can’t understand how the justice system seemingly looked the other way with that fact alone, the he was INJURED before being put in the van, which I guess will be next to go on trial, since all the officers got off!! YEAH… that’s it! THE VAN KILLED HIM!! SMH!


According to source, the six Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest and eventual death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray last April have been cleared to return to work. Read more of the story!

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