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School Suspends Natural Hair Policy After Outrage


How STUPID, NAIVE, OR Whatever else you wanna call it… HOW IGNORANT CAN YOU BE to try and create a natural hair policy in a school? Well, one school in my hometown of Louisville, recently found out JUST HOW STUPID that really sounded as they tried to implement a dress code policy saying there are to be no “dreadlocks, cornrolls [sic], twists, mohawks” and no “Afros more than two inches in length.” WOW REALLY?

A special meeting was held Friday concerning the dress code at Butler Traditional High School. ANGRY parents and students took to social media and participated in discussions about this ridiculous policy, that basically targeted every black kid in the school!

After an outcry by upset parents and students, Butler HS suspends controversial hair policy! WOW, I wonder who sat back and sat that idea would be ok?? Whatever that was should really be applying for a new job somewhere else!!! Read more from source.

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