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Woman Fired For Insulting FLOTUS On Twitter


In THAT’LL LEARN YA NEWS! Looks like a woman in Michigan found out the hard way what happens when you talk SIDE WAYS about OUR FLOTUS, First Lady, Michelle Obama!

#BeautyShopTalk is that a woman was FIRED from her job for calling the Flotus, Michelle Obama “Ugly Black B*tch” on Twitter!! First of all, WHO DOES THAT! Well a lady named Lisa Greenwood, who was enjoying ACTING UGLY on Twitter when she boldly called First Lady Michelle Obama an “ugly black b****” !! Well here’s the GOOD NEWS, a Facebook user named Michael Hicks SMOOVE BLASTED HER and was got screenshots of Greenwood’s derogatory comments! Come to find out, she worked as a loan officer at a local Home Point Financial mortgage lending company! Hicks put her on FULL BLAST for her comments, questioning how many other Black women had unknowingly been targets of her racist rhetoric. “Look at her job title,” he wrote in the accompanying caption of the screenshot on his own Facebook page. “Think of all the sh-tty things she’s done to other ‘black b—-s’ she’s encountered in her work.”

According to source, The High Point Financial powers that be, promptly announced Lisa’s termination via a statement posted to their Twitter account shortly thereafter! Read more!

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