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President Obama Says Trump ‘Unfit’ To Lead


Can you believe President Obama said exactly what we have ALL been thinking about Donald Trump!! Even how some republicans are feeling because some have even jumped ship to rock with Hillary Clinton after Trump’s last round of shenanigans!  LOL~  I really don’t see how Donald Trump has gotten this far!  Totally ridiculous and now a lot more people are coming out saying that OUT LOUD!!  Including our President!! #BeautyShopTalk is Enough is enough!

According to an article online, our President bluntly said Donald Trump is “unfit” to be commander in chief and pressured senior Republicans to retract their endorsements of him.

I tell you ALL THE TIME, you HAVE to get out and VOTE this November!  Our Lives and those of our kids and grand kids matter!! NOT VOTING would be like voting for the one you don’t want to win!! So   Read more from source.

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