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Korryn Gaines 5-Year Old Son Recalls Police Shooting


Girl this #BeautyShopTalk about Korryn Gaines’ son is just heartbreaking! You recall the 23-year old mother, Korryn Gaines, who was killed by police and her 5 year old son was also shot? Well now, there is a video of her son, Kodi, giving accounts of what happened that day! Bless his little heart, Kodi gives chilling accounts of what happened during that now, controversial police shooting!

According to the article, Kodi say, “The police kicked the door down…and I was hiding in the closet,” Kodi begins. He then came out of the closet with his mother.

“I was sitting next to my mother and then we were sitting out there, and then the police didn’t want us to go to our rooms,” Kodi recounts. Read more

Check out the video:

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