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Mother Drowns Young Kids, Ages 7 and 4


What would make a mother kill her own kids? That’s what authorizes want to find out! #BeautyShopTalk is a mother drowned her two small kids then asked for her neighbor’s help and when asked where her kids were, she calmly replied, she killed them both! GIRL!


The mother, Sheborah Thomas, has been charged with the capital murder, in the deaths of two of her kids, ages 7 and 4.  Afyer drowning them, she tried to bury them but instead she dumped thir bodies under a neighbor’s house! Afterwards she asked her neighbor to help her move? When the neighbor asked where her kids were, she calmly said she had killed them!

Authorities  say the mother has no known Mental Health issues!! SOMETHING gotta be wrong if you killing your own kids! Lord ha’mercy!  Read more

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