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Steve Harvey Defends Ellen DeGeneres Against Racism


Some folks really need to ease up! People have seemingly lost their sense of humor and their ability to LAUGH at stuff that is MEANT to be funny! For MANY of us, including our Morning Man Steve Harvey, the internet isn’t even fun anymore because of KILL JOYS always trying to steal everyone’s happy!!

Looks like Steve Harvey is coming to the defense of his good friend and fellow comedian, Ellen DeGeneres after she posted a hilarious memes celebrating Usain Bolt’s winning moment.

According to the article, tven though Ellen’s reputation is that she’s funny, a kind-hearted, compassionate personality who has repeatedly welcomed people of all races, backgrounds and social classes onto her show and into her life, some saw her take on the Usain Bolt meme as racist. The photo, shared from Ellen’s Twitter account on Monday evening following Usain’s win, is a photoshopped image of her riding Usain’s back with an accompanying caption that reads, “This is how I’m running errands from now on. #Rio2016.”


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