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Divorce Inspired Keisha Knight Pulliam’s Baby Name


I certainly wish nothing but the best for these two! Ed Hartwell and Keisha Knight Pulliam! Their Divorce is becoming a “he say/she say” way with words! I certainly hope they can work on co-parenting for their baby’s sake!

#BeautyShopTalk is Keisha has picked out a baby name and it is all inspired by the divorce drama she is going through!
“I was back and forth on if I wanted to share this or not, but I decided that I would because it is so hard for me to keep it in. I’m so excited about her. Her name is… Ella Grace.”


Although I am excited for anyone going through this for the first time, I still can’t help but to feel that there is really more to this story! A part of me feels like, DO WE REALLY CARE, but since she wants to share, ok… that’s nice~ I’m a little sad to see how they are using the media to air their drama when it shouldn’t even be news! But since it is… she also had this to say:

“I knew Ella was going to be my first baby girl’s first name. Then in the midst of all of this is when she’s earned her middle name, Grace. When I tell you through all of this the grace of God has so been with us and has covered us and protected us—she’s been my saving grace to get through it. It’s knowing that it’s not about me. Knowing that on days when I want to curl up in the bed, pull the covers over my head and cry until my eyes fall out, that is not an option because she feels everything I feel and right now, it is bigger than me—it’s about her. It is about her being ok.” Read more

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