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Master P’s Kids Write Judge About Support Amount


Now I don’t know if this is fair or foul on Master P’s behalf? How would you feel, as a mother, if your kids wrote letters to a judge telling them they felt their dad pays too much in spousal support? I WOULD NOT BE HAPPY?! First of all, WHY are kids in GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS?!

#BeautyShopTalk is Master P’s kids have supposedly written letters to a judge indicating that their dad is paying their mother, Sonya Miller too much money in spousal support? If that don’t sound like some ole (Blankey Blank) type mess!

In the article, Miller says his three kids who are minors live with him full time thanks to Sonya’s drug addiction, and he wants to cut the $10,473 in child support and $16,574 in spousal support that he’s currently paying.

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