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The Greenleaf Finale On OWN Was Everything


OWN’s Greenleaf Finale was off the hook! As promised  it was filled with PLENNY drama off the rip!  I still can’t believe it was the season finale, tho?  I will be glad when it returns because it left us with LOTS of questions! Wednesday’s episode was packed with several VERY shocking moments.

Grace takes to the pulpit to bare some of the family’s biggest secrets!  Then Charity decides she wants to split from her husband after his gay confession!  Meanwhile, Lady Mae’s daddy, Henry MacCready dropped a bomb to Grace about Calvary Fellowship’s shady beginnings!  Lady Mae and her sister Mavis (Played by Oprah) have an epic tongue wrestling match!!  And last but certainly not least, after Grace’s daughter left with her dad,  GUESS WHO SHOWS UP… (Wait for it) Uncle Mac pulls up to the family’s estate after being unexpectedly released from jail and escorted by the Sherriff’s… but the kiss he planted on his sister’s cheek was CLASSIC! But side note:  didn’t it look like a Judas Kissing Jesus Tho???

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