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19-Year Old Mother Shot By Boyfriend’s Jealous Ex


This story is soo sad on soo many levels! A 19-year old Houston mother was killed one day before her birthday, by her boyfriend’s jealous ex!! This leaves a baby girl to grow up without a mother, because of the actions of one selfish individual! I can’t believe that people are so cold and calculating! I am not one to pass judgment on people going to jail, but I hope they give her a sentence that is equal to what the crime was that she “allegedly” committed! I mean seriously, WHY did she have to do something like that!! OVER A GUY!


According to source, Kendra Childs was killed in a drive-by shooting Tuesday. Witnesses say, a black Camaro drove through the parking lot of Childs’ apartment complex, with five shots fired from the car into a second-floor apartment. Childs was shot in the head and killed. Her boyfriend discovered her body the day of the shooting.

The hashtag #RIPKendra has been going around on twitter and social media! The alleged ex also posted some really graphic stuff on twitter before the attack happened:


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