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Jay Z Producing Richard Pryor Biopic


This is EPIC! I just read that Jay Z is going to produce the Richard Pryor biopic! Jay Z said, “[Pryor’s] story is an American story,” Jay Z said at a press conference for his new Spike TV docuseries about Kalief Browder. “You’ll understand how many lives he’s touched. I mean, from every single comedian to rappers like Biggie Smalls.”

Like us, you know Jay Z probably grew up sneaking and listening to all those Richard Pryor records! LOL~ This is the movie that will star Mike Epps as the late comedian! Oprah Winfrey plays his grandmother!! Lee Daniels is also on board, dispute rumors he had jumped ship! I can’t wait to see what he has in mind!! Hats off to ya, Jay! That’s really a good look! One things for sure, he knows how to make that money!!

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