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#BlueLivesMatter Wants Ben And Jerry’s Boycott


People are really taking the whole #BlackLivesMatter way to far!  Now some are calling for a boycott against Ben And Jerry’s!!  That’s how you know things have gone too far!! LAAAWRD HA’MERCY!  Seems like to me, the ones who are, REALLY don’t have the slightest clue what it means or what it stands for!  They view it as bad! Like it’s a bunch of hateful people making noise!! ALL IT MEANS is people believe  BLACK LIVES MATTER because of what we keep seeing on tv!  The unnecessary killing of BLACK PEOPLE and no justice is being rendered!!

#BlueLivesMatter folks are calling for the boycott of Ben And Jerry’s because the company is supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement!! Ain’t that something!!

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