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Mariah Carey, James Packer… Craziest Prenup Ever


Mariah Carey is about to make off like a PHAT RAT, if indeed her and James Packer really do break up!!  I saw that, because you never really know if stars do all this for publicity or not!  But be that as it may, Mariah is going to be straight regardless because she and the billionaire have the CRAZIEST prenup like EVER!

Check this out… PART of what Mariah will get includes, $151,385 per week !!!  Let me run that by you again, OVER $151K A WEEK!!!  I don’t know about you, but ALL I would need was a COUPLE WEEKS payment and I would be STRAIGHT!!! LOL~

Read more about their CRAZY prenup!  You are gonna TRIP OUT!! LOL~

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