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Neiman Marcus Sells Out Of Collard Greens


I know you had to do a quick, “Wait, What??” when you heard Neiman Marcus was selling cooked collard greens for $66, just in time for the holidays right?  LOL me too! But wait, did you know that they have Completely sold out of them!  But wait … did you know that they are GLORY GREENS tho?!

I About tripped out when I heard the retailer was selling COLLARD GREENS! Let alone for $66!  I just read a story online that Neiman Marcus sold out of the greens! I said to myself, either those folks can’t cook or they don’t know you can get collard greens by the bunch, at the store, for about .99 cents ON SALE! $1.99 worst case scenario, right!! Throw you some turkey necks (OR HAM HOCK.. I Ain’t Scared!! LOL) and it’s on and poppin! LOL

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