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DQ Owner Calls Customer “N-Word” In Front Of Her Kids


People are just down right raggedy now days! They just have NO CHILL in how they handle folks! Recently one DQ (Dairy Queen) franchise owner proudly boasted that he called one customer the “N-word”! What’s more, he had the audacity to do it in front of her young kids! That could NOT have been me! Had it been me, the headline would read a LIL DIFFERENT!!

There is not room in the world for that kind of BLATANT DISRESPECTFUL kind of behavior! Let alone from a business owner! EVERYONE in that town needs to boycott that business and let him FEEL the ignorance of his behavior!!

Read more about what happened after the customer, Deianeira Ford, who is biracial, was at the drive-through with her two children and asked for a $5 refund because her order was messed up!

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