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Vivica Fox’s Business Partner Bounces After Gay Comment


This story is taking things to a whole different level… to where it don’t even need to be!! Vivica Fox has a new show called, “Black Magic”… an all male revue reality show, girl! YASSS!! But recently, her business partner decided to throw up the deuces due to a “No Gays” comment! She made a statement that gay men aren’t welcome in the shows and folks went nuts! NO PUN!

If you’ve EVER been to a male revue then you ALREADY KNOW that’s the rules! MOST men will not dance for a crowd that isn’t ALL FEMALE! No discriminating, just a preference! Vivica’s business partner is a guy named, Jean-Claude LaMarre. He is the one who put her in the movie, “Chocolate City” which lead to her new show now! He was SUPER PISSED that Vivica strongly objected that gays come to her all male show!

I personally think it’s blown outta proportion! It’s getting messier! Click here to read more about the drama!

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