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LAHHATL’s Kirk Frost Has Baby With Another Woman


LAHHATL’s Kirk Frost is something else!  Rasheeda’s husband is now on the hot seat because another woman is claiming that he has fathered a child with her!  LAWWRD HA’MERCY!

Now peep game, there’s a woman named Jasmine Washington is claiming that she was  kicking it with Kirk Frost for more than a year. But here’s the tea, she is claiming that Kirk encouraged her to quit working, that he gave her a monthly allowance and a new whip! This was ALL in an effort to make her stay with him according to the child support documents that she filed in court. WAIT FOR IT….. Get this, during that time she got pregnant and now she has a 6-month-old son!  GIRL!!!! She’s asking for $2,500 a month in child support and more!

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